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All Intelligent Verbatim copycats and bots

Since I wrote my original wordpress blog on intelligent verbatim transcription last year there are a clump of other people and transcription companies around the world that have hopped onto my wagon- although no doubt they would strenuously disagree.

I suppose that I should be flattered by the number of people who have copied the original theme, changed descriptions, added little bits here and there and then put their offerings on the internet- but I must point out that a South African put the original explanationof intelligent verbatim and verbatim transcription on the world wide web – Nyah!

The bottom line is, although several other ‘companies’ (are they?) may state accuracy, dependability etc. can their clients REALLY depend on them to produce at least 98% accuracy on good audio EVERY TIME and ON TIME?  Mine can. Nyah again!

‘Nuff said.

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