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Why South Africa and America should NOT be supporting Palestine

The Palestinians at the moment have to be one of the most cursed races on earth, worthy of our compassion and our prayers.

Palestinian Muslims are drafted into ISIS, willingly or unwillingly. Those who do not co-operate are beaten until they bleed internally and externally, then crucified. Their heads are stuck on spikes on display along with those of Christians and moderate Muslims.

This is what ISIS is doing to Palestines men. Those moderate leaders who could have the conflict are dead, and their heads are rotting on a fence in the sun.

Why America and South Africa should not be supporting Palestine

Why America and South Africa should not be supporting Palestine


All Intelligent Verbatim copycats and bots

Since I wrote my original wordpress blog on intelligent verbatim transcription last year there are a clump of other people and transcription companies around the world that have hopped onto my wagon- although no doubt they would strenuously disagree.

I suppose that I should be flattered by the number of people who have copied the original theme, changed descriptions, added little bits here and there and then put their offerings on the internet- but I must point out that a South African put the original explanationof intelligent verbatim and verbatim transcription on the world wide web – Nyah!

The bottom line is, although several other ‘companies’ (are they?) may state accuracy, dependability etc. can their clients REALLY depend on them to produce at least 98% accuracy on good audio EVERY TIME and ON TIME?  Mine can. Nyah again!

‘Nuff said.

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FGM versus total penectomy

After having seen some totally puerile, insensitive or just plain glaringly ignorant comments from men/boys about circumcision being as terrible as female genital mutilation I had to set the record straight.

My subject matter may upset some people.  I hope so- and I hope you never, ever forget!  Lobby against it. Raise awareness. DO something about it. Don’t stick your head back up your a and pretend it doesn’t exist.

On Circumcision

1. Circumcision drastically reduces a man’s chances of contracting HIV.

2. Circumcisied men do not give their wives (or women) cervical/uterine cancer from the smegma collected under the foreskin- also an ideal incubation place for human papilloma virus – a major cause of cervical/uterine cancer.

3. The comparison of male to cut female genitals would be total castration- no penis, no testes, and urinating through a straw. This is only done these days by men on the fringe of fetish.

On Female Genital Mutilation

1. ALL external genitalia is cut away until what is left is a flat, red mass. this is then cauterised with a hot stone or steel and sewed shut, leaving a small hole for urination and bleeding. Urinating for the next few months is going to be hell for the little girl as she is urinating on her own raw flesh. A reed or other hard object is inserted into the raw wound to ensure that the urethra is not blocked by scarring.

2. FGM often results in sterility as the internal organs can be  cut, or infection from the wound can spread to the undeveloped ovaries and uterus, leaving her forever barren.

3. FGM is a Pharaonic practise and it is way past time that some organisation like the Carter Centre, the WHO put FGM in the international spotlight to END THE TORTURE OF GIRLS by EVIL, archaic mutilation

Clitoris, inner and outer labia  cut away, cauterised with hot steel or stone, then raw flesh stitched up with thorns and sinew

If the girl lives through the resultant infection, she has several other  terrible things to look forward to

A small hole above anus is all that’s left open. Now imagine the pain of having a man pushing his  erect penis into that tiny hole.

FGM birth complications- the baby’s head is  crowning and mom is about to be re-cut  and then sewed up again- an open vagina is considered ‘unclean’ so a young teenager or woman is re-stitched after the baby is born. Over time the scarring becomes chitinous and so tough it is very difficult to cut. When this occurs both mother and child may die in childbirth.

Vaginal keloids- growths extending from a damaged uterus.

To any man, any Imam, Chief, grandmother or aunt who says FGM saves a girl from being unclean, keeps her pure or stops her ‘straying’ when her husband is away at cattle camp or meetings- you perpetrate evil.

Go back to the Quran and READ it yourself, go back to the Bible and READ it yourself- and see with your own eyes that there is NOWHERE where it states that a girl child’s body- as created by God- is to have pieces cut away  that will cause her suffering for the rest of her life .

NO religion states anywhere in its writings that a woman’s (or man’s) genitals should be cut to make them ‘pure’. The pharohs liked their slaves, male and female, to be smooth and thus genital mutilation began.  It is way past time-  the pyramids are nothing but historical ruins and the practise of castration has been eradicated- that the practise of female genital mutilation is eradicated as well.

Where FGM is a custom and families emigrate, girl children are returned to their native country to be cut, or a cutter (who is always a woman) is hired by several families to come to the country they are in to cut them.  One young girl who went back to Somalia ‘on holiday’ and returned to Britain cut suggested that airport officials examine the genitals of girl children from countries at risk when leaving, and returning to, their country of residence.  Normally this would be a violition of human rights. In the case of FGM it would be an added impetus to shame parents out of having their children cut, and to threaten them with legal action if they do.

Please research FGM further and find ways to lobby the mosqes NGO’s and governments that can get to the areas where FGM is practised to educate young girls and thier families and raise up community activists to bring an end to this barbaric torture of little girls. It is NOT a Muslim practise, it is a Pharaonic practise. Neither Christianity nor Islam advocate cutting.

This type of change has to happen on a grassroots level before governments will take a stand- no politician will jeopardise his position by taking a stand against FGM if it may lose him votes. But change has slowly begun in some parts of Africa.

As usually happens when change begins to occur, those girls or family members are often killed. Others will take their place and the momentum can grow, with help from the outside world. No government wants to be a pariah.

Get involved somehow, make a stand. Do something. At the very least, circulate this blog to raise awareness in the Western world.